About Us

M.B.Mohideen (Chief Executive)

He is a Graduate Engineer in Mechanical Engineering discipline from, College of Engineering,Guindy, Anna University with a Post Graduate Diploma In Tool design. He  had started his career in the year 1967 as an apprentice in a large corporation and trained in heavy fabrication, mechanite foundry, Pattern shop, Heavy machine shop and forge shop.

He is a pioneer in Mechanical Industry and has been instrumental in developing complicated components and assemblies. He put in 10 years of service in M/S Ashok Leyland Limited and has been instrumental in the development of crankcase; Engine Block; cylinder head, axle beam and axle shaft for 680 Engine and Heavy vehicles.

He joined M/S Rane (Madras) Limited during 1978 as Manufacturing & Development Manager and was solely involved in technology transfer for Tie Rod Ends; lower control arms; Steering linkages and steering Gears from UK, Japan & Germany. He has traveled to England; Germany; Cezcheslovakia; France; Italy & Japan for inspection of various machinery and for the During his stint at M/S Rane (Madras) Limited, (In collaboration with M/S TRW USA) he rose up to the level of Factory Manager and single handedly, commissioned and put on stream a modern Engineering Plant predominantly comprising of CNC machines.

He had joined the Defense sector in the year 1989 and continued to Excel in the field of Mechanical Engineering. His Knowledge, Experience and Hard work had fetched good results in developing a number of Defence Components, indigenously for CVRDE, HVF, Engine  Factory, BEML, Ordanace Factory, Medak and SBC Vizak. His quality of work is remembered and appreciated through out the various Defence Organization, as a result of which, he was instrumental in receiving the National Award for indegenization of Defence stores in the category of Mechanical Engineering for the year 1997-98.

His expertise of 47 years in this field has led to him to design of tools, Jigs, Fixtures, SPM’s for manufacturing of our components in house. At AL- SAFA INTERNATIONAL he handles R & D departments and with his expertise guides the production process.

Mohd. Peer Ahamed (Chief Operating Officer)

He is a Engineering Graduate in Mechanical Engineering and post-graduated with Master in Business Administration. He has worked abroad and trained in Manufacture, Refurbishment and retrofitting of valves, like conventional valves, control valves,relief valves and actuators (Electrical & pneumatic)

During his tenure in Saudi Arabia, Mr. M. Peer Ahamed had specialised in valves and was associated with Oil Refineries, Power Plants, Petro Chemical Industries & Steel plants. He has also worked for projects in Qatar. His exposure is with Companies like SAUDI ARAMCO, which is the world Largest OIL COMPANY, and Saudi Consolidated Electric Company (SCECO).

Mr. M. Peer Ahamed later returned to India to join his family business AL-SAFA INTERNATIONAL , which Manufactures and Exports Precision Machined Components to the Middle East to cater to Oil Refineries, Power Plants, Petro-Chemical industries and Steel plants. He has good knowledge of valves like hydraulic and pneumatic valves and is specialized in valve manufacturing methods like Machining and super Finishing methods. He is also specialised in valve testing, for hydraulic and pneumatic valves. He is exposed to the modern manufacturing technology namely CNC machines and has experience of 18 years in the At AL-SAFA INTERNATIONAL, he handles the overall Operations of the Company

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