AL-SAFA INTERNATIONAL established in the year 2000, has been continually excelling in providing quality products to its customers, by following professional quality management system. AL-SAFA has skilled workers and world class machinery like SHADUT, WMW, TOS, WEILER, HMT etc. for manufacturing the products. AL-SAFA is certified for ISO 9001 by TUV-SUDEUSHLAND.

AL-SAFA manufactures products/components catering to various areas.

For Steel Industries, the components manufactured are Inserts, Re-bar Guide etc. Which are made out of high alloy materials like 105mncr4, D3, D6.
In the non-ferrous range, AL-SAFA manufactures components like various types of Bushes, sliding blocks, etc which are special in nature, are made of Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Nickel Aluminium Bronze, Copper etc, that are used for bearing application. Apart from the above, special Pins, which are specially coated with Hard chromium and nitriding is AL-SAFA’s speciality. The components are manufactured on CNC machine.

AL-SAFA manufactures various special components for Paper Industry like Acrilic tubes, OEM machinery parts for the paper machinery.

For the Petrochemical Industry AL-SAFA Manufactures components like Burner Nozzles, Pelletizer Knives, special flanges, etc made out of special steel and stainless steel alloys.

For the Cement Industry the components manufactured are like rollers, special Bolts like T-Bolts used in the clinker application, other OEM replacement parts made out of steel and stainless steel alloys.

AL-SAFA manufactures Electrical Components like Solar shield made out of alluminium alloys, insulation parts made out of hylam material, precision machined components of Investment casting material which are used in the switch gear units.

Apart from the precision machined components, assemblies and sub assemblies are also manufactured for the switch gear assembly.

AL-SAFA has designed and developed cable cleats which are used for fastening cables in sub-stations, power plants etc.

AL-SAFA manufactures Valve Components for the Process Industry like High Pressure Valve Body, HP Bonnets, Stems, Seat Rings, Actuator Parts etc.